Winter looks with skirts


Normally, the skirt is a garment that we use especially in the summer season thanks to its freshness and its lightness. However, more and more women wear skirts throughout the year and, in winter, is when more doubts may arise about the best ways to combine them. For this reason, here we are going to propose 5 winter looks with skirts so that you can learn how to get the most out of this garment and, above all, choose a style that flatters you, highlights your curves and enhances your natural beauty.

Skirt with shirt inside

One of the biggest problems that we can find when creating our winter look with a skirt is that we do not know how to combine the clothes and, in the end, we look like a ball of clothes without shape or definition. For this reason, you must be very aware of the type of skirt you use and what you combine it with.

For example, in the first look that we propose, you will have to combine a skirt that is tied at the waist, that has a flare and that has a shirt tucked inside. What will you achieve with this type of clothing? That the skirt pronounces your curves and that the shirt on the inside enhances your breasts.

If you are cold, you can wear a jacket or a sweater over it, always trying to make it at a height that, at least, reaches the middle of the skirt because, this way, you will get a more stylized figure.

Wide jersey skirt

Another of the best winter looks with skirts is the one that combines the skirt with a wide and long sweater. But you have to keep something in mind: if you are a plump woman, the best thing is that you opt for a narrow skirt and that, on top, you wear the sweater because if you opt for a wide skirt and a wide sweater, you will not like it at all when you look in the mirror

If you want to wear this look, a good idea is that, to stylize your upper part, wear a narrow jacket over the top that will adjust the sweater and highlight your body. If you have opted for a very wide combination of clothing items, you can put the sexiest or most feminine point on it by opting for semitransparent stockings that show your legs.

Be very careful when wearing high boots because, if you are short, they can make you look even more so. In this other article we tell you how to wear a skirt with high boots.

Skirt with cape or poncho

In winter we have to bundle up! That’s why there is nothing better than creating a look with a skirt that is complemented with such wintery and warm clothes as ponchos or capes. But, for the style to be perfect, you have to choose to wear garments that are tight to place, on top, the other garment that is much wider and that will serve as an overcoat.

If you are a very slim woman, you can combine this look with a full skirt to achieve a more voluminous and curvier look. But if, on the contrary, you are a wider woman, it is best to opt for a narrow skirt with a T-shirt inside and, on top of all that, a poncho. Of course: to get a more stylized figure, don’t forget your heels.

A long skirt in winter

Long skirts are one of the most used garments in summer among women. But did you know that in winter they can also be used? The truth is that they contribute to creating a very feminine image of yourself, sculpting your body and making you achieve a perfect style for any time of the day.

In order to create a winter look with a long skirt, it is important that the fabric of said skirt is suitable for winter, otherwise, you will get cold very quickly. The only advice we are going to give you so that you can look the best possible with your skirt is to combine it with a top that is narrow: a tight T-shirt, a shirt tucked inside, and so on. This is the only necessary tip that will help you show a perfect silhouette.

If you are short, another basic tip is to wear your skirt with heels or platforms so that, thus, you do not look shorter than normal and you can wear a stylized silhouette and the sea of fashion.

Flared skirts in winter

Another of the skirts that are currently in fashion are those that have an accentuated flight, tutu type or pleated skirts that achieve a greater volume of your hips. For this reason, you have to be very consistent when choosing this type of garment because if you are a woman with many curves, it will surely not fit you. In your case, it is best to wear a tight or long skirt, without too much print and that stylizes your figure.

If you are thin, flared skirts are your best allies as they will help you better define your curves and make you look much more feminine. There are many ways to use it but if your goal is to see yourself with a more exuberant body, the best thing is that you bet on combining this skirt with a short sweater (crop-top type) or with a t-shirt tucked inside that will make it very clear where your ends. torso and your curves begin.


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