What kind of skirt to wear according to my body?


The skirt is one of the feminine garments par excellence that manages to enhance the shape of the woman’s body and allows to create very sensual and attractive looks. However, there are many types of skirts and not all of them fit our body well, as each one has a specific anatomy and attributes. To make the right choice of this garment and look good, it is important that we previously take into account which model will suit our figure best. Here we want to help you in this task and that is why we have prepared this article in which you can discover what type of skirt to wear according to your body.

Steps to follow:

1. Miniskirts The extra short skirts are an incredible option for those women with long and thin legs, as they will be able to stylize their figure to the maximum. Of course, in the event that you don’t want your legs to look thinner than they already are, avoid wearing this type of skirts with very high heels. And if your calves are too skinny, you can wear high boots to cover them and make you look more attractive.

Miniskirts are not highly recommended for women with thick legs, as they will make them look shorter by enhancing their volume. Even so, if they are going to be worn, it is advisable to wear them with thick stockings and heels.

2. Long skirts. The maxi skirts that reach the feet are very flattering for those tall women with long legs, as they shorten the figure and can even be worn with flat shoes.

They are not very advisable for very short girls, since they will reduce their height. However, if you are short but do not want to give up wearing a maxi skirt, you will only have to take into account tips such as choosing a model that marks the waist avoiding those that are at the height of the hips, and wear it with shoes of heel or wedge.

3. Tube skirt. The pencil skirts are perfect for those women who have a curvy silhouette and want to mark them and exaggerate them much more. They are also a good option for short and slim girls who want to add some volume to their figure. On the contrary, they are not advisable if what is sought is to conceal wide hips or reduce the voluptuousness of the butt.

In the event that you are going to wear a skirt of this type but you are not thin, you can opt for those models in dark and smooth colors that are at the height of the knee or a little above it.

4. Type A skirts. Skirts that are narrow at the waist and have a wider shape at the bottom are ideal for making your legs look much longer. This effect can be enhanced by wearing them with a high-heeled shoe. It is for this reason that they are the best option for women of short stature and short legs.

In case you want to hide wide hips or a tummy, you can choose models that have pockets in the front or some pleats.

5. In addition to knowing what type of skirt to wear according to your body, take note of the following tips to achieve the effect you want and look spectacular with this sexy and feminine garment:

  • If your legs are plump, choose skirts at or slightly above the knee to reveal the thinnest part: the calves.
  • If you want to create the optical effect of lengthening the silhouette, vertical prints on skirts are the best option.
  • To hide hips and tummy, the most suitable are skirts that are fitted at the waist and with a flared shape at the bottom.
  • To add more volume to the figure, patterned and pleated skirts are ideal.
  • To enhance the curves of the butt and make it look more voluptuous, nothing better than pencil skirts and narrow models.


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