What kind of neckline suits me if I have a lot of bust?


Surely you have ever gone shopping and have hesitated to buy a certain blouse or dress for a special event in case the type of neckline was not suitable for your bust. And it is that not all types of neckline favor us in the same way to some than to others. It all depends on whether you have a small or a larger chest, narrower or wider shoulders, the type of waist you have, or the shape of your body in general.

If you have a large bust and don’t know how to dress based on your chest size, here we have the solution for you. Keep reading this article in which we show you what type of neckline favors me if I have a lot of bust. You just have to choose the one you like the most from the different necklines that we propose.

V-neckline to show off a large bust

The V-neckline or V-neckline will be a great ally to favor those who have a lot of bust due to the following characteristics:

  • The V-neckline flatters the large bust, as it visually reduces the size of the bust and also enhances its shape.
  • It is also ideal for large breasts because it allows you to choose any bra, an ideal feature for this type of breast, since due to its size it tends to have more drop than a small breast, so the use of a bra is essential.
  • If, in addition to having a large chest size, you also have broad shoulders, the V-neckline is a good choice, as it tends to narrow the size of the shoulders.
  • In the event that your shoulders are narrow, you can also opt for this type of neckline as long as the straps of the garment are thick.
  • It is also recommended that if you use this type of neckline for a large bust, you opt for a neckline that is balanced, since one that is too pronounced can be vulgar.

Jewel or round neckline to enhance the large bust

The jewel or round is a fairly discreet type of neckline and for some women it can be inconspicuous or bland. However, this type of neckline will favor you considerably if you have an especially large bust. These are the characteristics of the jewel or round neckline for a large chest:

  • The round neckline enhances the shape of your breasts and, in addition, tends to hide those that are very large.
  • It is also ideal for those women with a short neck, so if you opt for a very closed jewel neckline, in addition to showing off your large bust, you will also enhance this area of ​​the body.
  • It is recommended for women with narrow shoulders, as it will tend to widen them. It will also favor those with prominent hips, as it will highlight this area especially if the garment is tight at the waist.
  • However, if you have a slightly wide waist or plump arms, this type of neckline will not be very flattering, as it will tend to widen these areas.

Sweetheart neckline to show off having a lot of bust

The sweetheart neckline is usually associated more with women who have a small bust or a medium chest. But the reality is that this type of neckline is also very flattering for those who have a lot of bust. These are the advantages of choosing a sweetheart neckline:

  • This type of neckline usually has a push-up effect on the chest, so if you have a large chest but a little sagging it may be perfect for you.
  • It adapts to all body types, whether you are a woman with a more rounded or more stylized shape, as it tends to narrow some areas of the body, especially the waist.
  • It also enhances the neck area, making it look longer visually.
  • For a bust that is too large, you should choose a sweetheart neckline that is not too pronounced, as this will enhance the bust area.

Asymmetric neckline to stylize your large bust

The asymmetric neckline is characterized by being exposed to one shoulder and is a type of neckline that tends to favor all sizes and chest sizes. If you have a very large bust, you can opt for this neckline, as it will create the effect of having a much more stylized silhouette thanks to its diagonal cut.

Another advantage of the asymmetrical neckline is that in addition to favoring you if you have a large bust, you will also achieve that: your neck looks much longer and thinner, especially if it is too thick; it is suitable for all types of bodies; its type of cut makes your arms look slimmer; And it is also ideal for curvy women, as it focuses on enhancing the chest, waist and hips.

Boat neckline that will favor you if you have a lot of bust

Finally, another type of neckline that will favor women who have a large bust is the boat neckline. This type of neckline is ideal for those with a large chest size, as it enhances this entire area, especially if we opt for a closed boat neckline. Also, if your shoulders are narrow, this type of neckline will be the most perfect for you, as it will create a slim and very feminine silhouette.

The boat neckline also tends to focus attention on the waist, so you will also get your figure to resemble an hourglass, that is, you will narrow and stylize your waist and enhance the bust and the hips area.


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