The trend colors for winter


The autumn-winter season is always characterized by the presence of dark colors, tones that contrast with the lively style of summer. However, this does not imply that all our clothes this season have to be starred in a boring and monotonous style, because as you well know, fashion does not stop advancing and surprising us all.

If you want to discover the trend colors for winter 2020, do not miss the following article, because we show you the latest trends of the season so that you do not stop going to fashion.

Blue hues

Within the colors of autumn-winter 2020, blue tones cannot be missing, one of the most outstanding trends. This year pastel blues gain prominence, as they offer a purer, fresher and brighter image than traditional blue. This color can be perfectly adapted to different styles and can be used both in more informal outfits and in others that require a large dose of formality.

The roses are back

A variant of the rose quartz that so influenced last season is “dusty cedar”, another of the winter 2020 colors. It is a similar tone to the one mentioned but, instead of being muted and matte, it provides an extra shine and luminosity to achieve a more attractive look during the darkest months of the year. In addition, this tone is very retro, making it ideal for women who love vintage and hipster fashion.

It should be noted that, despite these data, pink has returned strongly in all its shades, since among the trend colors for autumn / winter 2020 we also find pale pink, one of the favorites for suits.

The most classic red

We leave the blue and the pinks to find another fashion trend that is going strong this new season: the classic red color. It is an ideal shade for feminine women who want to enhance their beauty and enhance their personality.

It may seem like a very popular color, because classic red has always been present on the catwalks, but this season the presence of red ankle boots, red suits and long pullovers of this color stands out.

The most elegant garnet

If we take a little shine and luminosity from the red, we are left with a more muted and also classic tone that re-enters the list of autumn-winter 2020 trends for women. It is a garnet color that manages to highlight the most feminine side of each girl while giving more power and sobriety to the chosen look.

Gray does not go out of style

And in the fall-winter 2020 fashion colors we cannot fail to mention the color gray, a trend that continues to be ingrained since last season. It is a neutral color that is used, above all, as a total look; that is, the one in which all the garments that make up the clothing have the same tonality.

The eternal earth colors

We continue with the palette of neutral colors that will be a trend this fall / winter 2020 and that, without a doubt, will sweep away. As you well know, with the beginning of autumn the famous earth colors cannot be missed: beige, browns and the now classic “warm taupe” are still the autumn favorites for both men and women, as they are elegant and attractive shades of the easiest to combine.

The mustard yellow has not disappeared

Last year it went more unnoticed, but this year the fun, youthful and daring mustard yellow regains prominence. With the garments of this tonality you will achieve a fresher and more spicy style that will remind many of the retro fashion of the 70s and 80s. Dare with various combinations!

The return of the greens

One of the most striking and different trends of this season is the prominence of pastel green on the catwalks. If last year we already talked about the appearance of emerald green (and we assured that it was here to stay), this year we are pleased to announce that any green will be welcome in your wardrobe. Coats, maxi jerseys, accessories, boots, suits bet on your favorite combination and you will be sure.


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