How to wear white pants


If white pants are a must have in many closets (for both women and men) it is because it is an ideal color that, despite being ideal for the summer months, can be elegantly dressed throughout the year.

Do you also have white pants but don’t know how to wear them? In the following article we offer you 40 perfect looks so that you know how to combine white pants in winter, in summer and at any time of the day. Take note, because with the following proposals we will enhance your most sophisticated, modern or romantic side.

How to wear white pants for women in winter

We start, as always, with a sure hit that will never disappoint you: gray. And is that combining white pants with gray tones is a most sophisticated option that can be used both to go to the office and show your more formal side and for a more casual stay.

In addition to gray, autumn and winter are ideal seasons to wear garments in earth tones; A well-combined brown, camel or even bronze jacket is synonymous with elegance. To avoid taking risks, here we advise you to bet on a neutral-colored shirt underneath.

Another perfect look to combine white pants is the navy style. As you will see in the fourth image, the combination of white with dark blue tones is ideal to give your look marine reminiscences in the duller months.

But forget about filling your winter wardrobe with muted colors, because adding some color to your look can also be a success. Bet on a sweater that brings light to your outfit and, if it’s cold, cover yourself with a black or gray jacket. One more recommendation: if you dare with this last proposal, choose minimalist accessories and a small bag in neutral tones.

How to wear white pants for women in summer

With the arrival of summer, our wardrobe tends to fill with more vivid and bright colors. Well, we want to encourage you to combine white pants in an elegant, fun and modern way with some more fun prints.

The striped shirt is always a great success, because depending on how you wear it, it can give a sophisticated result perfect for the office (add some heels and wear a blazer over it) or more casual for an afternoon with friends. In this article on How to combine a striped shirt you will find more proposals.

Combining white pants with pastel colors is also a success in summer; you will achieve a more romantic and sweeter look that will bring out your most feminine side. And if you want to join the fashion of total looks, dare with a fine top like the one we show you below. You’ll love it!

How to wear white pants at night

It never fails: black and white is a combination that does not go out of style, since the clash of both ends manages to create perfect looks both to wear during the day and at night. But, if what you want is a more luminous outfit, total white is also ideal for an evening.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable and can bring some fun to your outfit to break the monotony, so below we show you different types of pants and we show you how you can combine them with different shirts and t-shirts.

A tip: to learn how to combine wide white pants, opt for tighter t-shirts like the one in the last photo. If, on the other hand, you want to combine tight white pants, allow yourself the luxury of dazzling with wider garments that, ideally, fit around your waist.

How to wear white shorts

Beyond the typical short jeans, in recent years linen shorts and suit shorts have become fashionable again, even for a casual outfit.

We always recommend the combination of white shorts with a shirt inside the pants; It is a style that can offer you a more refined air if you combine it with a small bag and heels, or more sporadically if you opt for summer sneakers or sandals.

On the other hand, if you wonder how to combine short white pants to go more formal, take a look at the second image that we propose, because the total look can become your best ally once again.

How to wear white men’s pants

Here we do not want men to feel left behind, so if you want to know how to combine white pants for men, do not miss our proposals.

Whether you are looking for a casual look in which you can combine a simple t-shirt or a more formal one in which the protagonist is the shirt, white pants will give you an undoubtedly elegant and distinguished style. If you want to combine white pants for an outing with friends, choose some very comfortable sneakers or boots in neutral colors that you can wear with a more informal shirt.

If, on the other hand, you want to wear your pants for a business dinner or a more formal meeting, go for loafers or brogues. Remember, also, that the shirt is not an obligation, because as you will see in the third image, a plain shirt can give a professional but avant-garde image at the same time.

Shoes to combine white pants – go flat!

While it is true that there are styles of pants that are undoubtedly better with high shoes, as is the case with palazzo pants, you can bet on being more comfortable and wearing flat shoes like the ones we propose below.

If you want to combine white pants for summer, sandals and flats can look great with your outfit. If, on the contrary, you want to combine white pants in winter; sneakers and boots will be the best option.

Shoes to combine white pants – heels and platforms

To achieve a more casual look, ankle boots and high esparto shoes are the most recommended, especially if you wonder how to combine white palazzo pants.

On the other hand, if you are looking for shoes to combine white pants that give you a more formal style, you can always opt for stilettos, scarves or high boots, in case it is winter.

Here we propose 4 different looks so that you can choose the one that convinces you the most and, if you want to be inspired by other types of looks that will help you combine white pants, keep exploring our image gallery.


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