How to wear Prince of Wales check pants


One of the trends that have stood out the most throughout this winter and that will continue to be a star look in spring are the garments with Prince of Wales checks. Who liked to wear suits with this type of plaid? However, it was not until the 1960s that clothing with these prints really began to become popular.

The fashion for ” British ” checks has returned to stay for a long time, especially in blazers and trousers. That is why, in the following article, we will show you how to combine a Prince of Wales check trousers and look splendid with any of the styles that we propose. What look do you prefer?

Prince of Wales total outfit

One of the looks that are being worn the most, both on fashion catwalks and by celebrities, is to combine the Prince of Wales trousers with a blazer or a coat that has the same pattern. The full British checked suit is ideal both to attend a formal event such as a business lunch or to go on a date with your partner or friends.

In any case, depending on the degree of formality you want to give to the two-piece set (jacket + pants) with pictures of this style, you can combine it both with platform sneakers for a modern and trendy style and with high-heeled sandals for a look chic and elegant.

High-rise culottes with ‘British’ checks and black bralette top

Thanks to the fact that this pattern is among the most popular trends, we can choose between different versions of the trousers with “British” checks. Among these versions, we find the high-waisted culotte, quite wide and straight-cut trousers that flatter almost any silhouette.

If you are looking for a look to go out to any nightly social event, such as a casual dinner or a party, we recommend that you combine the high-rise culottes with Prince of Wales checks with a bralette or black lace top. In this way, you will achieve a very feminine and sensual style with which you will awaken the attention of the people around you.

Prince of wales shorts and biker jacket

Another version of the season’s more “it” trousers are the Prince of Wales check Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts are shorts that stand out for ending well above the thighs and for being generally high-waisted.

If you have decided to buy shorts with this pattern, we recommend that you combine them with a garment that never goes out of style: the black leather or biker jacket. In this way, we will take full advantage of the Bermuda shorts, achieving a carefree and casual style, but at the same time elegant and striking, ideal for an informal event such as going to the cinema or going to a concert.

Ankle-length “British” checked trousers and message t-shirt

If you are looking for a more modern look, you can also include some checked ankle-length pants in your wardrobe. This version of the pants trendier this season stands out as a fairly straight cut and finish a little above the ankles.

If you want to combine a Prince of Wales check trousers with these characteristics and get your style right, we recommend that you buy them with a high rise and combine them with a basic white t-shirt that contains a message. Currently, thanks to the fact that it is also a very strong trend this season, we can find endless t-shirts with a message in any store, from logos from other times to well-known people.

Find the shirt that you like the most and combine it with these types of pants to get an elegant but fun outfit.

Prince of Wales leggings or pants and white blouse

For several years, leggings, that garment that was born to practice sports, has become an essential basic of any wardrobe. For this reason, this season we can replace our classic black leggings with leggings with “British” checksHowever, being a very informal garment, it is important that you know what garments are suitable to ensure that our outfit is elegant and not vulgar.

To do this, the best way to combine these “pants” with squares is by combining them with a basic white blouse and plain black stilettos. In this way, you can use this set both to go to a work meeting and to have a coffee with one of your friends. In addition, if you do not have leggings of this type, the long or ankle length Prince of Wales check pants are also ideal for this look.


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