How to wear palazzo pants


The palazzo pants, which had its heyday few decades ago, has returned strongly this season. These pants air slightly evassé and high waists have grown into fashion and have begun to appear on all gateways and windows.

But what is the best way to wear these pants? In the following article we give you a few tips so that you know how to combine palazzo pants whatever you are and wherever you go.

How to wear a casual palazzo

The palazzo pants are perfect for a very chic look. Katherine Hepburn, one of the most daring and elegant women of the time, was already wearing them in the 40s and many other actresses brought them back into fashion in the 70s.

The best way to wear palazzo pants is by combining it with a plain top; Opt for plain, neutral-colored shirts so they don’t steal the attention from your palazzo. Using neutral tones allows you to play, for example, with the clash of two basic colors —such as black and white— and thus create the most elegant looks. However, with the new boom in palazzo pants, more daring and modern styles and prints have appeared that, combined with a plain top, can create a most avant-garde casual look.

One of the fundamental elements when it comes to getting palazzo pants is height: if you want them to fit you well and your goal is to create a safe and modern look, they will always have to reach the waist.

How to wear palazzo pants for a wedding

Palazzo pants are no longer synonymous with a tight garment, because as you will see in the third style that we propose below, the palazzo with a wider cut and those with a skirt style can also be a success.

If you are looking for palazzo pants for weddings, here we advise you to get out of your comfort zone and dare with some more summer colors, since most weddings usually take place during the spring and summer seasons. Mustard, pink or lilac are perfect shades for this occasion, but be careful, make sure to combine them with neutral colors so as not to clash.

Regarding the length, the question is more to the consumer’s taste. Some bloggers and fashion experts accept ankle-length palazzo pants, but the truth is that those that cover the shoe completely are more elegant and create looks more suitable for weddings. Be careful, of course, that the length is not excessive, since you would run the risk of stepping on the bottom of the pants. In this article we tell you how to lengthen pants.

If you are looking to recreate the chic style worn by women in the 40s, you should know that weddings are a perfect occasion to do so. Combine your palazzo pants with a satin shirt or with a particularly feminine option; A blouse that closes at the top with a bow can be your best ally.

How to wear black palazzo pants

Being a neutral color (remember that black goes with everything), there are not many rules that you should take into account when wearing black palazzo pants.

So that your look does not become monotonous, bet on t-shirts, shirts or blouses in brighter colors, because in addition to giving a more fun touch to the look, they will bring light to your face. When can we recreate a total black look then? To go out at night!

As you will see in the third image, a high palazzo together with a black top offer a serious but also sensual and daring style. Our recommendation is that you show some skin to break with the uniformity of the look and, above all, that you accompany it with some accessories; long earrings, fine necklaces or even belts of some other color.

In this case, we show you two very different styles of black ankle palazzo pants so you can see that this length can also look great in a more casual look.

The best shoes for a palazzo – with heels

It is no secret; If you don’t want to take risks and you want to show off a slim and extremely elegant figure, combine your palazzo pants with high heels. Although these are often not even seen (because the pants cover them), they will completely change the way you walk, the position of your legs and the appearance of these.

This tip is especially important if you are looking for palazzo pants for a wedding, since the heel will achieve a more formal and sober look. When it comes to establishing which accessories should go with your look with palazzo pants, surrender to minimalism: play with volumes but stick with small bags.

The best shoes for a palazzo – flat

Flat shoes for palazzo pants? Of course! Fashion would not have emotion without risks and without challenges, so below we show you three very different looks with something in common: they wear flat shoes.

To achieve a comfortable and casual but extremely avant-garde look, you can wear your favorite sneakers. Black and white are safe bets, so make sure you don’t step on the bottom of your pants (you can always hem it) and go out and have fun.

If you still do not dare with the palazzo-sneakers contrast, you can stay with something less adventurous: sandals. With the second look in the image we show that you can dazzle with palazzo pants and flat shoes even in the most formal events, while in the third image we show you a more informal and comfortable but equally chic style.

Palazzo pants for short girls – how to wear them?

Fashion has evolved, which is why we are pleased to ensure that classic palazzo pants are no longer just for tall women. Next, we show you that short ones can also show off palazzo pants.

In general, plain palazzo pants are the best bet if you are short, as some prints could give the impression of shortening your legs more. However, and as you will see below, there are some tips that can help you combine palazzo pants if you are short and do not want to give up prints:

  • The heel, your best friend: if you wear plain pants, you can venture to go flat. However, with more colorful pants we recommend that you bet on a good heel. This small detail will lengthen your legs and counteract the possible effect of prints.
  • Get it right with ankle-length palazzo pants: once again, if you want to wear prints with your palazzo, it would be best to leave the kilometer pants in the closet and dare with ankle braces. These, together with the heels, will lengthen and stylize your figure.

Short girls are always recommended to combine palazzo pants with heels, because even if they are not very high, they will always make you feel more comfortable. However, and as you can see in the third image, more and more women are risking going flat when it comes to combining their palazzo pants. In this case, there is only one golden rule: stick with minimalist accessories.


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