How to wear brown pants


Combining brown pants is not an easy task, since being a not very recurrent tone, many people do not know which colors go well with browns. However, finding a color that combines with coffee is essential to get out of any trouble, since it is a sober and elegant shade perfect for both a casual meeting and for an event or a night party.

The browns go well with the ocher tones and other colors related to its range, however, here we suggest you take risks and discover new options and other elements to find the perfect outfit. Discover, in this article, how to combine brown pants and what clothes you should always have on hand when wearing this color.

How to wear dark brown pants

In general, brown tones tend to look good with both bright colors and other more muted ones, which is why it is difficult to find the ideal garments when combining with brown pants.

If you wonder how to combine dark brown pants, here we recommend you go for light tones: beige, cream, white, peach or light yellow are good examples. On the contrary, we recommend avoiding dark tones, since they would create a look that is too muted.

So, when you want to combine dark brown pants, forget about strong grays, blacks, dark browns and other low-light shades.

How to wear light brown pants

If you wonder how to combine light brown pants, you are in luck, because this brown allows you to play with other shades in addition to those already mentioned.

Of course, combining light brown pants with a white shirt, blouse or sweater is a great success and, in fact, if you don’t want to risk it, we encourage you to opt for this option. However, as it is a brighter color, you can also go for black and other darker colors.

If your pants are light brown to beige and you want to add some light to your outfit, we recommend you go for a maroon, green or even orange shirt or t-shirt.

The total brown look

If you have an important outing or an elegant event and you want to find the most appropriate look for the occasion, here we encourage you to try the total brown look.

This option is especially sophisticated in the form of a suit and with good heels, so if you don’t know how to combine brown pants and no other color convinces you, get a T-shirt and / or jacket of the same hue: you will look attractive, professional and very elegant.

For more information on what is the total look and how to combine it correctly, visit this other article from omethoate.

How to wear brown pants for men

When creating an outfit with men’s brown pants, the rules are the same as we have already presented. The choice will depend on your taste and the colors with which you feel most comfortable, as well as your skin tone.

If you are wondering how to combine brown dress pants for men, here we recommend you play it safe and go for a white shirt. However, you can take risks and dazzle with a total brown look. If the pants are light brown, you can opt for a gray, black or blue upper part (apart from, of course, other brown tones such as beige), although we recommend avoiding greens, oranges and yellows.

Accessories for brown pants

With regard to accessories, it is best to discard silver, since it is a cold color that does not combine well with the warm tone of brown pants. If you decide to wear rings, necklaces or earrings, choose bronze, gold or ivory better.

We also recommend combining the bag with shoes, so choose a similar shade or move within the range of browns.

Footwear to combine brown pants

When it comes to footwear, it is important to take into account several things: it is better that you choose neutral colors and leave the prominence to the upper garment of your outfit. You can go for brown, cream or white. Do you want to risk a little more and give light to your look without falling into mistakes? Then try some coral shoes and opt for a more discreet garment on top.

Another very successful color in your footwear to combine with brown pants is gold. You will give the look a sophisticated touch!


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