How to wear an orange dress


Do you have an orange dress but you don’t know how to combine it? It is a very lively and cheerful color that can be used to create more urban styles like others for sophisticated events. In this article we give you some ideas so that you know how to combine an orange dress and create different looks that are perfect for both your afternoons in the city and for gala dinners. Take note and make the most of this piece of your wardrobe.

Steps to follow:

1. With vivid colors. This look with an orange dress that we now offer you is a daring, youthful and ideal one to give an original touch to your style. It’s about breaking neutrality and daring to combine bright colors with each other, orange with yellow, with green, with lilac, with electric blue … The trick is to add accessories or other garments to your dress that are colorful and that will achieve make your look unforgettable.

2. With neutral colors. Another more elegant option and suitable for the most sophisticated events is to mix the orange of your dress with elements that are of a neutral color, such as the beige in the photo, and subtract the informality of the color with a blazer, with jewels and with suitable shoes. Beige or pale pink can work perfectly to add this touch to your look, however, traditional ones like black or white also work very well.

3. With animal print. It is a very modern and current option that will give a wilder and more ethnic look to your look. Combining an orange dress with animal print accessories such as a bag (as we attached in the image), with shoes, with hair accessories or even with nail makeup can be a different and very current option. Ideal for the sexiest women.

4. A more urban look. If you like to dress in a more informal way but with an elegant touch to go around town, this look is ideal to combine an orange dress. For this you will only have to subtract the elegance or femininity of the dress with black leggings and low boots; You can put a belt around your waist to mark your curves but the idea is to have a more grunge look without neglecting fashion trends.

5. With gold. One of the star combinations of orange dresses is with elements of golden tones. As Eva Longoria presents in the attached image, the vivid color of orange can be lifted to a degree of high elegance when combined with something gold, a necklace, shoes, earrings or a hair accessory. It is a simple touch that will give your look a sophisticated halo ideal for the chicest events.

6. One of the main concerns that women have when creating our look are the shoes with which we will combine the clothes. It is an important choice that will mark the final result of our suit, for this reason, here we help you choose the shoes for a dress by giving you some tips and tricks that will work perfectly.


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