How to wear an electric blue dress


The electric blue is a color full of vitality should incorporate all our wardrobe. An electric blue dress never fails, although the truth is that, being such a special color, sometimes we fear not knowing what to wear it with. But with a couple of tips and a set of rules, Electric Blue will be risk-free. Here we show you how to combine an electric blue dress.

Steps to follow:

1. The electric blue is a very striking color, so we have to be careful with the things that we add when we combine an electric blue dress. What we have learned about how to combine an electric blue shirt or how to combine electric blue pants will help us.

2. The first thing you can worry about is your shoes. The best way to combine shoes with an electric blue dress is to go for neutral colors, such as nude or black, or for vibrant tones, such as gold or silver.

3. The nude is indeed a fantastic choice to combine with an electric blue dress in all supplements. Bag and shoes can be that color.

4. The same happens with black. Black shoes or a bag work very well with this type of blue, since the contrast gives an elegant touch.

5. Electric blue is a color with a lot of personality, so it is better to avoid mixing it with colors that are also very striking. You can opt for tones with a lot of presence, but only if you limit them to a specific and secondary element. For example, a few hints of mustard or yellow can work.

6. But if what you are looking for is for accessories to define your style, a leather jacket will give it a rocky touch and will mark the outfit.

7. Going for pastel tones will soften the color of the dress and allow the look to become something more romantic.



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