How to wear a striped shirt


The trendy stripes sweeping this year: we see them in skirts, pants and shirts on. This pattern is not always easy to know how to combine it, here we have prepared this article in which we will show you some of the best looks you can create with a striped shirt. Keep reading and you will learn how to combine a striped shirt for a modern, sophisticated and very feminine style. Join the striped fashion!

With colored miniskirts

A perfect idea to combine a striped shirt is to do it with a brightly colored mini skirt, especially if the stripes on your shirt are black and white. A very successful option is to do it with a red miniskirt as it will give a sexy and very feminine touch to your look.

If you want to wear this look to go at night, we advise you to put on some clothes that give an elegant touch to your combination, for example, a black bullfighter, a handbag or some fine-heeled shoes. You will be groundbreaking!

With black skinny

It is another of the star combinations of striped shirts: with black skinny jeans. This look adds a glam and sophisticated touch to your appearance and is ideal for both day and night wear. You can choose to put the shirt inside the pants as well as outside, the result is impeccable and perfect to enhance your elegance, try it!

With red straws

Red is a feminine and very sexy tone that is sometimes difficult to know how to combine, however, if you have a striped shirt, the combination is done. An ideal look to be fashionable and highlight your femininity is the one that combines this shirt with some red skinny jeans. In addition, you can dress it both to go to work and to go to a dinner since the sobriety of the look will depend on the accessories with which accompany him. Dare with red!

With white pants

Another way you have to combine a striped shirt is to do it with white pants. This combination will give your look an ideal marine essence for summer and also for winter. The mixture of both garments will elevate the elegance of your wardrobe and be perfect for attending professional or sophisticated events.

With black shorts

If you want to get an urban and modern style, it is best to combine a striped shirt with black shorts. The result of this look transmits sensuality giving a youthful and current touch to your essence.

A tip: if you want to wear this look during the winter, do not opt ​​for dark leggings, but instead choose transparent or semi-transparent black stockings that cover you from the cold but leave your legs visible. So, you will be sexy and feminine, you’ll see!

With jeans

It is a combination that you cannot miss: a striped shirt with jeans. Ideal both to go to work and to spend an afternoon with friends since the jeans give a touch of informality to your look while the shirt gives it a sophisticated and elegant degree. If you go to work, accompany your look with high-heeled shoes, if you go with friends it is best to wear boots or wedges.


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