How to wear a red coat


Do you love red coats but don’t know what to combine them with? Do you see the others and want to show it off too? You have come to the right place! Here we don’t want you to stop wearing this colorful garment due to lack of ideas when it comes to making it fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. So, don’t wait any longer and read on to find the best options on how to combine a red coat.

Red coat with jeans

No saving red coats for special occasions, wear it every day! And it will look great with jeans or jeans of any hue, style, worn or not … Whether to go to work, shopping, going out with your friends or any other date, you can perfectly combine your red coat with pants denim.

Likewise, you can choose to wear heart-stopping heels as well as comfortable flat shoes and even give it a much more casual touch by combining your red coat with sneakers.

Total black look and red coat

Another option for the more classic ones will be to opt for a total black look to superimpose the red coat. Whether it is a combination of pants and blouse or T-shirt or with a little black dress – a must in every wardrobe! – it is a safe option.

This will be one of the most elegant combinations but without ceasing to be transgressive, since black will bring sobriety to your outfit, while red will provide the groundbreaking touch.

Red coat and animal print

And for animal print lovers … congratulations! Red coats are ideal to combine with the leopard, zebra or snake print (or the one you prefer). As in the previous case, you can opt for patterned dresses or just a garment of your look. Remember that you should not abuse this type of clothing or you may look like a real beast.

Red and gray coat

Sophisticated and stylish like few other combinations, the red coat will fit perfectly with the gray tones. As we see in the photo, the pleated pants or suit of this color look great when standing out with the coat, although we can also combine it with gray jeans or any other style of pants.

Brown shades with red coats

And let’s not forget the brown tones! This option is no less important when combining your red coat, since brown is a color that abounds in autumn and winter wardrobes, so you can also take advantage of it.

Beige, coffee, camel … there are many options to combine with your red coat, because all of them will go perfectly with a beautiful red coat.

Polka dots and red

Call them polka dots, polka dotsdots, points or whatever you want, but we assure you that combining them with your red coat will make you the most in the neighborhood. Black on white or white on black, both prints will be great for your outfits this winter. Whatever size they are, the polka dots that have been worn so much in recent seasons will undoubtedly combine with coats of this color.


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