How to wear a navy blouse


A garment that should become an essential part of your wardrobe is the blue blouse. With it you can create from more sporty looks, to sophisticated and elegant, as long as you know when to use it and how to use it. Do you have a blue blouse but you don’t know how to take advantage of it? So, pay attention to the following article. This time we show you the best looks with which you will learn how to combine a navy-blue blouse.

Blue blouse and jeans

The jeans are a must in any wardrobe. In addition to their comfort, they stand out for their versatility, that is, they generally combine well with everything and with them you can create from a sporty look to a more arranged one. Whether they are skinny, shorts or boyfriend jeans, jeans will become a safe bet when combining a navy-blue blouse.

If you are looking to give your outfit an informal character, this will be an excellent combination: the jean and the navy-blue blouse combined with a white accessory, such as sneakers or a bag, is an ideal look for day to day.

If you do not know very well which pants of this type can go better with you, we suggest you read this other article so that you know how to choose jeans according to my body type.

Color block

One of the latest trends in the world of fashion is the well  known color block. If you are a fashion victim, this will be the best option for you, since it consists of combining several garments of opposite or complementary colors in the same style, filling your wardrobe with color. If you want to do it with your navy-blue blouse, it is a risky bet but one that will surely succeed.

The best color block for your blue blouse is to combine it with warm and cheerful colors, for example orange, red or yellow. Of course, if you choose to combine your navy-blue blouse with other colors, you should be careful not to overload the outfit.

Blue blouse and light tones

Navy blue looks as good with black as with lighter tones. A classic, safe and successful bet is to combine it with light beige pants. The contrasting note between the navy blue and the light tone of your pants can be solved by placing a camel-tone belt between them, so the color scale will be unified. For the summer, you can bet on white shorts or pants, as they will help you to combine your navy-blue blouse wonderfully. You can give it a sailor or French look by adding red tones to your outfit, with necklaces or shoes. The combined light tones with dark blue blouses will become your most valued summery models.

Blue blouse with black

Although for many it is not a good combination, navy blue and black can be very good friends. For this reason, we encourage you to combine your navy-blue blouse with a black bottom, either pants or skirt. Although it is a daring mix, you can bet 100% on it because it will give you more elegance and sophistication. Get the most out of this color combination, especially with evening looks. Why not make your blue blouse a super special look by combining it with your favorite black skirt?

Navy blue and rocker

To give your image personality, we suggest you combine your blue blouse with a leather or latex skirt or pants and good closed high shoes, it’s that simple. You will achieve the rocker look by giving prominence to accessories. Look for a rocker or vintage style navy blue blouse to achieve this wonderful look and you will be a hit.


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