How to wear a green coat


Do you think wearing a green coat is risky? Not at all! Although it is true that it is a garment with personality, there are numerous possibilities when combining it. In addition, you can choose the shade of green that you like the most and create unique outfits, either for your day to day or even for more formal occasions. If you want to discover some of the best ways on how to combine a green coat, don’t miss this article.

Green & black coat

One of the classic combinations to combine a green coat is to opt for black. Whether with pants, leggings, tights or pantyhose with a dress … Any option is a safe bet!

Whatever the shade of green, black will fit in perfectly and will also add a very elegant touch to any look. If you want to add a groundbreaking touch, opt for a colorful accessory, such as a bag or hair accessories.

Green coat with jeans

The green coats and jeans are another ideal partner that you will surely love. Dark, light, wide, narrow, worn, studded … all kinds of jeans will go perfectly with a green coat.

Combine them with heels for more formal occasions or with flat shoes for day to day, you will be sure to succeed!

Green coat with browns

It is also very recurrent when combining a green coat to opt for brown tones: beige, coffee, camel, chocolate, etc. You can wear pants of any brown color or play with other accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves or scarves.

A cool and groundbreaking combination is to combine brown military boots with a green coat. You dare?

Green coat with red accents

For those who want to go a little further, a provocative but also very common alternative is to wear a green coat with a red garment. It is not about combining the coat with clothes such as pants or leggings – unless you want to look like a Christmas tree! – but it should be something much more subtle.

A good combination will be to opt for the combination of black and green that we have seen in the first section and complement it with something red.

Green coat with bold colors

And if what you want is to cause a furor, do not think twice and join striking colors: green and pink, green and yellow, green and electric blue … The combinations are endless and the result will be the most in, because you will get what which in the fashion world is known as color blocking.

The secret is to put together blocks of plain colors and of the same intensity, so if your coat is a powerful green, the color you choose to combine it should also be.


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