How to wear a green blouse


Green is the color of hope in all its shades; therefore, it is normal that we like to dress it. Do you have a green garment and you have trouble knowing what to wear it with? It is very common to have doubts when choosing our outfit, especially if we have the problem with the fact that a color does not seem to us to match anything. But, thinking that is a mistake, all colors combine with some other color, therefore, do not give up. In addition, green blouses can be worn in both casual and formal looks. If you want to know how to combine a green blouse, keep reading this article in which we are going to explain several possibilities to take advantage of this garment and not stay in your closet.

Green blouse with black or dark green

One of the easiest and most effective ways to combine a green blouse is, without a doubt, to wear long basic pants or shorts in black or dark green in a different shade from your blouse. These types of pants are the best option to be sure that the green blouse will stand out and look great, because the basics are the safest bet to feel favored.

Of course, we can apply the same rule for skirts. A basic dark colored skirt will give you the same spectacular result. Depending on the occasion, it is more advisable to wear a long or a short skirt, but it is clear that to combine with a green blouse, the best options are black, dark brown, navy blue and dark green skirts. To choose your outfit, you must bear in mind that the colors of darker tones are advisable to use in autumn, winter and on more formal occasions.

Green blouse with jeans

The jeans are an option that can never be lacking, whether they are tone are perfectly in a green blouse. This type of pants combines practically with everything we have in the closet, be it shirts, tops, blouses or the accessories that we want to wear, surely the jeans with which we are always so comfortable look great with all this and, for this reason, is a safe bet.

Surely you have several jeans or jeans in your closet, choose the one that best suits you and combine it with your green blouse. If you are not sure which pants suit you best, we recommend that you read this article in which you will learn how to choose jeans according to your body type. If you want to look fantastic and trendy with a green blouse and pants like that, we advise you to choose boyfriend jeans, those that seem to have been stolen from your boyfriend, they are loose, the waist is low, they have ripped and the leg is wide. With these pants you will always get a more casual look, although if you know how to combine boyfriend jeans, it is also possible to wear them in a more formal way.

Green blouse with a light color

Green blouses can also be perfectly combined with a wide range of light colors such as white, light gray, light green, beige or light brown. Again, we are talking about both long and short pants and skirts.

A very good choice if you opt for light colors to combine a green blouse is to wear white pants with brown accessories. This look is one of the most cheerful options in pants and skirts in one color. Especially for summer, spring and more casual occasions, the option of pants and skirts in light tones is the most appropriate to combine a green blouse.

Dare with prints!

Printed pants, whether short or long, are another highly recommended option to combine a green blouse. As long as the prints are not too large, you will wear a look that is both successful and daring. We recommend that you try medium or small flowers, vertical stripes, lace or chiffon pants.

Patterned skirts are also a good choice, but we must bear in mind the type of pattern and colors. Bet on flowers, stripes, lace or animal print and, in terms of colors, make sure they are tones and colors that match the green tone of your blouse. These colors can range from other shades of green to other colors such as white, gray, black, brown, blue, yellow, orange, etc. Both in the pants and in the skirts, if you are daring, you can opt for more striking patterns, for example, squares, large flowers or landscapes. Also, if you have a flower skirt that you have trouble knowing what to combine it with, we invite you to read this article and discover how to combine a floral skirt.

The best accessories to combine a green blouse

With all the outfits that we have proposed previously to combine a green blouse, you must use accessories or accessories appropriate to your look. If you are looking for a more formal image, you should opt for accessories in basic colors such as black or brown, silver or gold. If what you are looking for is a fresher, funnier and more casual look, it would be better to leave behind the boring and serious accessories and throw yourself into accessories with prints.

Be careful, if you already combine a green blouse with a patterned skirt or pants, it is not necessary that the accessories be too, otherwise your image will look very ornate. But, if you have opted for plain trousers or a skirt, it will be good if you give a personal and striking touch to your image, for example, with an animal print printThe most recommended patterns are leopard, zebra and feathers. If you are going to bet on eye-catching accessories, it is better not to go overboard and do it with only one or two pieces of accessories, be it shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, handbag, a handkerchief, jacket or a blazer. , what works best with a green blouse is to use only one or two of these accessories with animal print , since this way, the blouse and accessories will share the limelight. Now that you know how to combine a green blouse, you may also be interested in knowing how to combine a striped shirt or how to combine a kimono.


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