How to wear a fur coat


The hair coats are one of the trends that come stomping in the world of fashion. If you take a tour of any of the large fashion chains, you can find many examples, which bloggers are already incorporating into their outfits. But do you know how to combine a fur coat? Here we give you a few tips.

Steps to follow:

1. Although fur coats have been around for a few seasons now, they haven’t got a full consensus on whether they’re cool or should be banned. A must or a don’t? With how much we are beginning to see them more and more, they will possibly be one of those garments that does not matter what is said but that you have to have.

2. Fur coats have a lot of volume so you can play with them and with garments that make them counterbalance. For example, a very good idea is to combine fur coats with skinny ones. The mix is ​​quite chic.

3. You can also bet more on the contrast of styles than on the volume. Hair coats with romantic or vaporous dresses have begun to be seen and the end result is a boho-chic look that works very well for many celebrities. It is feminine while very casual.

4. When it comes to playing with colors, if your fur coat is light colors, avoid combining it with light tones. Mix it with black or dark colors on the bottom, leather leggings can help create a more daring look, and add the finishing touch with makeup.

5. Likewise, avoid mixing your coat with fur boots. It’s too much of a mix, and you could end up wearing a too ornate look. A good option is to combine your fur coat with ankle boots or even with katiuskas.

6. And finally, can you be very feminine and stylish with a fur coat? It’s possible. Forgo furry coats and vests with voluminous textures and opt for the most discreet ones. Combine it with a flowing skirt and you will have a very chic result.


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