How to wear a floral dress


Do you love to go with flowery dresses? They are very feminine pieces of clothing, perfect for good weather and that give us a youthful and very sweet air. They can be combined with different garments to achieve the look you are looking for: from a beachier touch, to a more sophisticated one or one with an air of the Wild West. In this article we give you the keys so that you learn how to combine a flower dress and get to show off your most feminine and sensual side, which one do you prefer?

Combined with denim jacket

floral dress can be perfectly combined with a denim jacket or denim vest. It is a very summery style that you can also wear in spring and gives your look a youthful and very fresh touch. You can combine this outfit with camel-colored accessories to give it a more urban look and not look like you’re going to the beach: a camel-colored leather bag and shoes will add an urban and elegant touch to your style.

Paired with black cowgirl

If you want the tone of your look to be darker and more rocker, you can choose to combine a floral dress with a dark-toned denim and wear black boots; Thus, you will be able to reduce the innocence of the dress and give it a more rebellious and aggressive touch. Yes, as Jessica Alba does in the photo, opting for all the accessories to be in black will be a very sexy and feminine style.

Paired with a blazer

Although it seems that flower dresses are more summery and beachy garments, it is true that you can go with an elegant and sophisticated look by wearing these clothes. The trick is in how you combine it because if you opt for an elegant fabric blazer, like the one in the attached image, you will be able to reduce the informality of the dress and give it a higher air; It is also important that you pay attention to the rest of the accessories and dress with dress shoes and a bag that is also consistent with the class of the event you are attending.

Combined with camel-colored garments

The floral dress also goes perfectly with garments in neutral but warm colors such as camel. With this look we can perfectly go to a more formal meal or take a walk at sunset; It is a combination that neutralizes the color of the dress and gives it a more elegant touch. As you can see in the attached image, you can combine it with other nude-colored accessories to achieve this more sophisticated and not so summery touch.

Cowgirl style

If you like the denim fashion that has emerged in recent times, you will surely love this look with a floral dress that we propose below. It is about taking advantage of the garment you have and combining it with some fringed boots or country boots that will give it the touch you are looking for, also later you can wear a hat in the purest cowboy style and you will get a different, fun and very similar look. fashion.

Accessories for a flower dress

Another of the key points for your look to be the most in is that you find the perfect accessories to give it the look you are looking for. For example, if you want it to be a 100% summer style, a very cool idea is to combine it with a dandy hat, as we show you in the attached image. But if what you are looking for is a more sophisticated and less youthful touch, you can opt for a large and loose hat that is ideal to bring out your most feminine side.


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