How to wear a denim dress


Do you want to be in the latest fashion? Then jeans dresses cannot be missing in your wardrobe. We are at a time when the 90s have invaded our catwalks and, each time, trends of yesteryear such as the jean invasion that occurred at this time are recovered. We have seen how denim shirts are becoming more and more fashionable, denim overalls and, now, it is time for dresses of this nature, fresh, youthful garments and more fashionable than ever. In this article we are going to tell you how to combine a denim dress so you can learn how to get the most out of this fashionable garment.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the best ways to combine a denim dress is to wear it as if it were a men’s shirt. This men’s fashion is also sweeping this season and, therefore, you will be able to be in the latest fashion as well as getting a very sexy and feminine image of yourself.

To do this, you must wear a straight dress, which does not fit at the waist or adjust it with a belt, think that the key is to look like a male shirt on a female body. To emphasize your most feminine part, you should only take accessories such as, for example, high-heeled or platform shoes, a bag and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, etc. A hat can also give you a very sexy and flattering point, thus achieving a heart attack outfit.

2. Another very flattering way to wear a denim dress is to highlight your silhouette by placing a belt. To get a look in the purest cowgirl style, a trend that is also sweeping this year, it is best to opt for accessories in brown tones to emphasize your look.

You can put the icing on your style with a braid in your hair to achieve even more that Wild West effect that you can get with these clothes. Also try to wear cowboy boots or, if you are hot, shoes with heels or platforms to stylize your body and have a very feminine and sensual appearance. You will be total!

3. You can also combine a denim dress wearing a more urban and informal look, with a more boyish touch and that present a woman a bit more hipster. Let us remember that the basis of this fashion trend that is sweeping so much is to mix clothes from the past with others from the present, achieving a mix never seen before and that also dares to merge formal and informal style clothes to completely break with the standards of aesthetics and style that have prevailed until now.

So, in the case of denim dresses, you can opt for ones that are fitted and frame your silhouette but, later, combine them with sports shoes, a sweatshirt or a backpack. You can also bring a hat or a small, fancy bag. The point is to mix styles to get an urban, hipster and very modern look.

4. But if you like ethnic fashion, an aesthetic that has also been booming for several seasons, you should know that you can also combine your denim dress in a way that manages to configure this style and shows your most intercultural and fashionable side. To do this, you should opt for accessories or garments that have ethnic prints, such as capes, bags, hats, etc.

For this type of look you should not leave aside the accessories, so fill your hair with ornaments such as terry cloths, scarves, hats, feathers, etc. It is also recommended that you wear large necklaces or earrings, as well as rings and bracelets that will highlight your look.

5. The colors that most suit your denim dress is many and varied because, the jean color has already become almost a neutral color and can be combined with all kinds of shades and garments as they serve both for an informal meeting and for a gala dinner, it is advisable to know how to wear them to be able to adapt to each situation.

In any case, there are some shades that will make your look stand out more and, therefore, that will combine better with your dress. Here we recommend the following:

  • Fluor colors: especially in hot weather and during the day, bags, shoes or any other accessory that has a strong and colorful color will be perfect with your jean dress.
  • Black: it is ideal to wear it at night and attend a dinner or a party. Black with the denim color is always a success to combine two different styles but that fit perfectly.
  • Wine: wine color is one of the most popular this season and they promise to stay for a long time. They are also perfect to create a look with a jean dress and be perfect both during the day and at night.
  • Animal print: our dress is also a perfect type of print since it manages to promote a more feminine image of ourselves and very current. It will be a success!
  • If you like denim garments, do not miss other of the most fashionable trends of recent times and learn how to get the most out of them. Here we give you some tips so you can learn to combine a denim shirt, short denim overalls, a denim vest and denim skirts. You will be total!


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