How to get a casual look


The casual look is called the clothes that we wear every day, that style that would serve us to go to class or work. Getting this look doesn’t mean giving up on being fashionable or looking great, and here we show you. Discover how to get a casual look in a simple but great way.

Steps to follow:

1. To get a casual look you have to base yourself on these three words: naturalness, simplicity and elegance. And it is that this type of trend does not have to be excessively loaded or ornate. You can also get it for little money with simple clothes and knowing how to combine them.

2. The cowboy is the fetish garment of the casual look. And who doesn’t have at least one pair in their closet? Jeans are perfect to combine with any type of footwear, so you will not have problems when creating a good outfit.

3. The basic shirts or blouses single color are also perfect. It is very easy to combine a white blouse and it will always look great and natural.

4. If you have doubts about footwear, any day-to-day shoe will help you achieve this look. Converse or Vans type sneakers will offer you comfort and simplicity, and their wide range of colors will allow you to find ones with which to combine the rest of your clothes.

If you prefer another type of footwear, a flat French-type shoe or one with a low heel will be perfect. On the other hand, simple boots, especially those in caramel color, will also help you achieve your look and give it a personal touch.

5. Within the casual look, the hairstyles are the simplest. You can leave your hair straight or curly loose, so you will achieve a casual look. This does not mean that you have to go tousled, you have to take care of your appearance, so do not sin with a very elaborate hairstyle. On the other hand, a simple high ponytail is also a perfect hairstyle for any casual look.

6. Do not eat the coconut thinking about makeup, the best for casual style is to get a makeup type “nude”. This means that after applying the foundation, use some blush but in a color that is natural to you, nothing too excessive. Remember that the simpler your makeup, the more casual your look will be. For the eyes you can use brown or black tones, that is, something more sober but natural and elegant at the same time.


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