How to dress to hide broad shoulders


Not all of us have the same type of figure, and each one of us strives to highlight those points that we consider most attractive, trying to hide those that we do not like so much or that generate insecurities. In the following article we are going to focus on that type of figure that stands out for having too wide or prominent shoulders, you will see that by making a good selection of clothing items it is possible to visibly reduce their measurements and see yourself much more favored. Pay attention and discover how to dress to hide broad shoulders.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the best ways to disguise broad shoulders through clothing is to focus all attention on the lower extremities. To do this, nothing better than wearing patterned or brightly colored pants combined with garments in neutral colors on top. It is preferable that the pants are straight cut and not skinny, since the latter will further enhance the width of the shoulders.

2. Likewise, dresses and skirts with a flare or with a little turnaround are also a great option to divert attention to the lower part of the body. Discard pencil or high-waisted skirts.

3. And when it comes to choosing dresses, sweaters or T-shirts, those with a V-neckline or V-neckline will be your best allies to hide broad shoulders. In addition to visibly reducing the width of that area of ​​the body, it is a very sexy and feminine type of neckline. On the contrary, leave aside the strapless necklines or garments with high collars, as they will only highlight it.

4. Do you like striped blouses? If so, you’re in luck because vertical striped tops are great for figure -flattering and shoulder-thinning. Of course, do not wear horizontal striped shirts or shirts, as they cause the opposite effect by widening the body even more.

5. hip- length blazer, in addition to helping you stay in the latest fashion, will allow you to visibly lengthen your silhouette. The same happens with jackets, always choose models that end at the hips and not at the waist to achieve this effect. But above all, make sure that these garments do not include shoulder pads, which is essential if you want to hide the width of your shoulders.

6. As for complements and accessories, we advise you to wear your garments together with long necklaces that fall from the upper body, or with scarves and scarves that are long enough so that their ends also fall down. Bib necklaces are forbidden, since they are too short and accentuate the width of the shoulders, as well as wearing knotted scarves around the neck.


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