How to dress sexy


There are times when we feel prettier, more attractive and overwhelming and we like to transmit it to others, but many women make the mistake of crossing the fine line that separates the sexy from the vulgar. Here we want to help you by giving you the necessary keys to highlight and enhance your appeal in a subtle and elegant way. You want to know more? So, be sure to read the following article and discover how to dress sexy. Exploit your femininity and enhance your strengths by being true to your style.

Steps to follow:

1. Before teaching you how to dress sexy we want to emphasize the meaning of this, sometimes confusing, concept. Being sexy is not synonymous with wearing large necklines or exaggeratedly short miniskirts, nor is it synonymous with being tight or tucked, and even less so if these outfits are completely out of context (for day to day, for work). Being attractive, feminine and sensual is much more than a miniskirt, a blouse or pants.

Being sexy is a matter of attitude since you can be with any type of wardrobe and with any type of body, you just have to look for what enhances your femininity the most. Here we give you the keys to dress sensual without being overly provocative.

2. Do you know what is the sexiest color? Sure, you were right. We talk about the color of love, of passion. Yes, we are talking about the color red, a striking color that captures attention and looks. It is proven that many men are attracted to women who wear this color or, at least, they pay more attention. So being sexy through red is easy.

You can wear a nice short dress, shoes, a shirt or even a red coat. For the less daring, give a touch of red to your looks with a nice nail polish or with accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry). You will attract all eyes!

3. Another good color to enhance your sexiest side is silver, especially if you have to go to a party at night. Silver can be an elegant, sensual and sexy color that will enhance your figure and flatter your silhouette. The dress will attract attention by itself, so you should combine them with accessories in a neutral color.

4. To be sexy we cannot forget that we must stylize our figure. Do you know a better way to achieve it than using a good heel? They are sexy, they make you look taller, they stylize and they achieve a unique movement when walking, to break hearts. What more could you want! In the event that you don’t like heels, bet on platforms or wedge sandals, which will be ideal with miniskirts or shorts in summer.

5. And speaking of shorts, you should know that they are currently one of the most feminine garments and that they allow multiple options to highlight your sensual and feminine side, thanks to the fact that you show a large part of the leg. Combine them with shirts and heels and ready to succeed!

6. The necklines are also related to being sexy but be careful with them since it is easy to cross the line towards the vulgar; you must use the neckline as a weapon of sensuality. You can bet on vertigo necklines if you compensate with long garments and covers on the legs (long skirts, pants). The mistake will be to combine a great neckline with short or miniskirt. As with makeup, focus only on the area you want to enhance and neutralize the others.

7. How beautiful the backs are and how sexy! Leaving them uncovered will be a success if you want to be sensual and feminine. I bet on dresses with the back to the air, that have the front part covered, without neckline. You will be ravishing.

8. We cannot forget about some fabrics such as lace or transparencies that in a subtle way will show our sexiest side. We recommend that you include them in your looks using any garment (shirts, fake, pants). And as always, red, white and black will be the most appropriate colors to wear a sexy lace.

Here we give you some tips so that you know how to combine a lace dress and a lace skirt.

9. We want to highlight a sexy trend with which you will not leave anything in the air. We are talking about men’s fashion in women with which, although it seems contradictory, you will achieve a sexy, sensual and feminine look. The suits must be with a pronounced neckline and combined with beautiful heels you will succeed!


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