How to dress in winter – 15 looks for women


With the arrival of winter comes the renovation of our wardrobe. Comfortable, casual, elegant and sophisticated looks. To be up to date, discover the trends of this season so as not to lose detail.

Next, in we talk about how to dress in winter with 15 looks for women that you cannot miss. Because cold is not at odds with fashion. Are you ready to look perfect this winter? Take note!

1. Accessories: keys to dress in winter

To go perfect this winter, don’t forget to complement any look with good accessories. As simple as it may be, a basic can become a fashion revolution with the perfect complement.

A hat, a hat, a good scarf, some leather gloves, a cape, a poncho, a belt … With all this, you will find the perfect formula to highlight your looks.

2. Winter looks in black and puff sleeves

If there is a basic color that should not be missing in your wardrobe this winter: the color black. This color will allow you to wear elegant, casual and informal looks. Sweaters, dresses, skirts, shirts. In a matter of black, anything goes, since it is the color that will stylize your figure.

If you want to add a more sophisticated touch to your look, go for puffed sleeves: the latest trend this season. Whether on shirts, blouses, dresses or sweaters, puffed sleeves will make a difference; and is that this winter everything is worn with puffed sleeves. Combine it with trainers for a casual outfit or with ankle boots or high-heeled boots to enhance your elegant side. Because black is not synonymous with boredom.

3. Red details in winter

To add a touch of color to your darker looks this winter, go for red, an infallible ally in the cold months. We suggest you introduce this striking color through details that complement your look.

4. White and pastel shades in winter

White is not just a summer color. It is increasingly common to bet on nude colors and white for sophisticated looks in the cold months. White will allow you to both soften your figure and give light to winter days.

Coats, skirts or dresses in pastel tones are garments that will allow you to illuminate your look and achieve a romantic outfit. And what about a camel coat? A basic that cannot be missed in any winter.

5. Jackets and bikers for winter

Denim jackets or leather bikers have become essential garments for any winter look and, on some occasions, have dethroned coats.

They are ideal both to combine them with a casual look and sports shoes, as well as to give a rocker touch to a leather outfit, skirt and ankle boot. This season you will find bikers with hair, warmer, to be able to wear them on the coldest days.

6. Leather: essential to wear in winter

Leather can become your greatest ally also in winter. In addition to being a trend, leather pieces are a perfect solution to combat the cold while looking stylish.

To look chicer, combine a pair of pants or a leather skirt with dark-toned garments and add a blazer, ideal for any occasion.

If it seems too dark, bet on adding a touch of color to this style through accessories such as a bag, a scarf or a hat. Guaranteed originality and style!

7. Dresses to wear in winter

Stop associating the dress with summer. Bring out your feminine side this winter with long sleeve dresses. The key? Combine it with original, fun and thermal socks to face the cold. You dare?

Do you also like light colors and don’t know how to combine them? Don’t miss this article on How to combine a white dress in winter!

8. Models of winter skirts

Another basic for this winter are skirts, an ideal alternative to dresses. Take the opportunity to combine them with a sweater or knitted sweater, a blouse to create a more romantic style or go for leather for a more rocker look.

Do not forget to bet on fantasy stockings to complete an outfit that will triumph this winter. And if you need more ideas, you can read this article about Winter looks with skirts.

9. Women’s winter blazers

Blazers are one of the most revolutionary garments of this season. With print, plain, circus style, plaid or basic.

Make the most of them by combining them with rocker and skinny t-shirts for another less formal use or adding them to your classic looks to add sobriety and sophistication.

10. Maxi – dress-type women’s jumpers

We cannot go through a cold winter without a maxi sweater. The oversize are the latest models that, in addition to warming you on the coldest days, will make your looks simple but very beautiful models.

Combine them with a tighter bottom garment, skinny jeans, leggings or, if the sweater is very long, with stockings to show it off in a dress style. We also recommend putting a shirt under a sweater to give it a romantic touch.

11. Joggers for winter

If you want to be up to date this winter, you must have some joggers in your closet. Whether with darts, pockets or side stripes, these extremely comfortable pants will allow you to be comfortable and trendy this winter.

Combine these sports pants with sneakers, rock shirts and a blazer or bet on following the sports outfit with a sweater.

12. Boots and booties in winter

There is no winter without knee high boots or ankle boots. Whether flat or high-heeled, they cannot be missing from your shoe rack. You can combine them with skirts, dresses or jeans and take your outfits from the most urban look to sophistication.

13. Elegant look in winter

Elegance is not at odds with wearing a jean. This winter, make the most of your basic garments by combining them with high-heeled boots. For your look to become elegant, don’t forget the long coats either, a piece that will mark the sophistication of your outfit.

Go for a dark coat to be more elegant or pastel colors to be more casual, without losing the glamor.

14. Sporty look in winter

To be an authentic its girl, you cannot miss your most trendy sports look this winter. To achieve this, we recommend combining garments in a loosely structured way and finishing the look with trainers.

The goal: to be comfortable but very fashionable. To do this, do not hesitate to add accessories, such as a maxi scarf and a jacket.

15. Office look for winter

Sometimes we have a hard time knowing what to wear for an office day in the middle of winter. You can always opt for a minimalist look, with a basic sweater and skinny ones.

Fine knitted sweaters with a Perkins collar, for example, are a perfect option for any pleated, straight or skinny pants, or also for skirts. On the other hand, this winter you cannot miss palazzo-style trousers in your wardrobe, ideal for going to the office.


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