How to dress for my son’s first communion


In the celebration of the first communion, the protagonists are always the boys and girls who are going to receive this sacred sacrament; That is why their clothing – especially for girls – takes so much importance. Even so, parents also share this important day with their children, which is why they also often have doubts when deciding what to wear for this ceremony. In this article we offer you some tips to solve the question of how to dress for my son’s first communion.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, it is necessary to always keep in mind that the first communion is a religious celebration, in which the children receive a sacred sacrament. That is why the dress should be consistent with it and at no time should we forget that it is an ecclesiastical ceremony.

2. In this way, women are recommended not to wear very pronounced necklines, very short skirts, bare shoulders and back, etc. Also, they should not wear very strident colors, such as fluoride, or dress too conspicuous.

3. It should also be noted that it is a semi-formal event, that is, you should dress formally, although without overdoing it, for example it will not be necessary to dress formally. At the same time, it should be noted that parents are not directly the protagonists of the event, but rather the children who are going to receive communion for the first time.

4. On the other hand, when choosing the clothes of the parents for the first communion of their children, it will also be necessary to take into account the time of year in which the celebration takes place. In general, they usually take place during spring (especially in the month of May), so the climate will be very variable and will also depend on the geographical region.

5. In the case of women, a good option is short dresses, although they should always be at the knee and not shorter. As we already mentioned, it is recommended to opt for colors that are not very flashy, so that beige or pastel tones can be ideal.

6. There is also the option of opting for a jacket suit, either with trousers or a skirt, of light color, since black will not be the most appropriate.

7. The shoes for the communion of your child are recommended to be of medium height, which can go together with a small or medium bag. As for the rest of accessories, we do not advise you to go too overloaded, but to opt for a simple look.

8. As for men, it is not an essential requirement that they wear a suit and tie for the first communion of their son / daughter, although it is very common for them to do so. The truth is that they can dress more informal with a shirt and jacket, although without ever reaching a too sporty style.

9. Regarding the hairstyle and makeup to attend the communion of your son or daughter, it should not be too overloaded, but rather go for something simple but elegant. You can see here some ideas on how to do my hair to go to a first communion.


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