How to combine a transparent shirt – infallible tricks


Some clothes and styles never go out of style. Proposals such as the transparent or semi-transparent shirt accompany us both in summer and winter, and they always have a space in our wardrobe. Garments for which time does not pass because they are always in fashion. So, if you are thinking of acquiring a transparent shirt, here we encourage you to do so. Give yourself a well-deserved shopping session and equip your wardrobe with this basic garment.

Do you already have it in your closet? Do you know how to combine a transparent shirt to get the most out of this garment? Keep calm and take note of the tips that we explain below.

Transparent shirt with black bra

If it’s semi-transparent and hints but doesn’t show anything, you can wear your shirt alone. If on the contrary it is totally transparent, you will need a tank top underneath so as not to attract too much attention.

The most daring girls can choose to wear the transparent shirt like the model Miranda Kerr does, who also wears her elegant black bra. This is a simple matter of taste. For some girls this can be too provocative, while for others it is nothing more than a game of seduction.

See-through shirt with a tank top underneath

As we said, another less provocative way to use a transparent shirt is to wear a tank top underneath. Here it will depend a bit on the tone of the transparent or semi-transparent shirt and the shirts that we have, as well as whether or not we want to attract attention with the shirt underneath.

If we want to go unnoticed, it is best to use a shirt in a similar color to the shirt. If on the contrary, we want to contrast and attract attention, we could use a striking color under our transparent shirt.

Other ways to combine a transparent shirt

Would you dare to wear your transparent shirt like Miranda Kerr does? The transparent shirt is worn in a single color and in dark tones, but also with floral or polka dot prints. In addition, you can wear it with jeans, with dress pants, with a blazer or American jacket, with a bag in a maxi version, with high heels, with ballerinas …

A perfect garment to add a chic touch to our daily looks that triumphs among the celebrities and It Girls of the moment. Are you going to run out of your transparent shirt?

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