How to choose a party dress according to my body


Finding a nice, elegant and fashionable party dress is very easy considering the number of models that we have at our disposal today in stores. The really difficult thing is to find the dress that best suits your figure, that enhances the most attractive parts of your body and that fits perfectly with your personal style. Here we give you some practical advice so that you know how to choose a party dress according to your body and make you feel confident in any type of event.

Steps to follow:

1. Triangular shaped body. Women with this type of body are characterized by having narrower and thinner shoulders than the hips, which are wider, as well as the buttocks and legs, which are also usually quite voluminous.

To compensate for this disproportion, the ideal is to opt for light and flowy party dresses that are not too tight in the waist area, thus concealing the width of the hips. In this sense, empire-cut dresses are the best option. The draped part of the chest will make the shoulders look wider, while the loose part of the skirt will help to hide your curves. Similarly, dresses empire cut bustier are great for triangular figures.

2. Inverted triangle shaped body. This body shape is the complete opposite of the previous one: the upper part of the body is wider than the lower one. That is to say, its characteristics are a wide back, a voluminous chest and thinner and thinner hips and legs.

In this case, it is advisable to choose a party dress that draws attention to the hips and conceals the width of the shoulders. Opt for dresses that have a simple top with vertical lines and that include any type of embellishment or design at the bottom such as ruffles, which are now very fashionable.

3. Hourglass shaped body. These types of figures have shoulders and hips almost of the same proportion, a narrow waist and well-marked curves. The great luck of women with this body shape is that practically all dresses fit them well.

The ideal for bodies as proportionate as this is to highlight the curves and visually enhance the figure with semi-tight dresses that mark the waist. Take the opportunity to wear tight models, with bare shoulders, printed dresses, with glitters, etc.

4. Round shaped body. This type of body is characterized by having a rounded general shape but with thin arms and legs and with very little waist.

To avoid focusing attention on the torso, party dresses that are not too tight or with large or flashy prints are preferable. The light and dressed in plain colors you feel great women with body round. Dresses with vertical lines are also appropriate for them.

5. Rectangular shaped body. The rectangular silhouette features a very straight shape with the same shoulder and hip measurements and a slightly wide waist. In addition, women with this body type tend to have little breasts.

When choosing a party dress, the objective will be to try to form curves and enhance the figure with printed dresses and fine fabrics that provide movement. Dresses fitted at the top but with a flowing skirt suit her, as well as dresses with a belt to give more volume.


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