How to choose a coat according to my body


Choosing a coat seems simple, but when we find coats that are very fitted, very long or with very short sleeves, we realize that not all coats are the same. In addition, sometimes we are more interested in highlighting or hiding some part of our body. And it is that everything counts when choosing a coat, from the fabric, through the color or the collar. Here we teach you how to choose a coat according to your body.

Steps to follow:

1. Tall women: Trench coats are good for tall girls. They are short and wide coats, which make your whole leg look good. You can also wear long coats, as they will not make you look short. You should avoid those with the zipper in the center as they will make you appear wider. However, coats with a diagonal closure will be perfect.

2. Neck Styles: Neck is important. If you do not have a long, slender neck, try to avoid coats with large collars or shirt collars as they are not flattering. But you can look for lapel collars, which are more flattering for women with short necks.

3. Women with few curves: for the straighter girls, with a rectangular body type and who have few curves, their ideal coat would be the narrow one that marks the hip (the so-called princess type), so they can better define their figure. On the other hand, coats with shoulder pads are best avoided.

4. Wide shoulders and narrow hips: Girls with an inverted triangle morph can opt for hip-enhancing coats. Coats that are open and do not mark the shoulders too much will be perfect.

5. For the plump girls, dark colors will help to stylize the figure. But any color will be perfect as long as you try to avoid prints. Skip over long coats as well, keep the length above the knee.

6. Short women: avoid long, baggy coats. You better shop towards the narrowest. Forget about puffy down coats.

7. If you are not very thin and of medium height, almost all the coats you wear will suit you, you just have to try and observe in detail while being aware of the shapes that suit you the most.


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