Common mistakes when dressing


When it comes to dressing, each woman has her own style, choosing those garments with which they are most favored or with which they are usually more comfortable. Now, on many occasions we do not know very well how to take advantage of our figure, how to combine the clothes we have in the closet or what things we should avoid so that our attractiveness is highlighted. Therefore, here we show you which are the most common mistakes when dressing, take note and try to avoid them to always be perfect and radiant.

Steps to follow:

1. Not choosing the size well. This is one of the most frequent mistakes when dressing, and it is that selecting garments, whether they are larger or smaller than what we need, will not favor the shape of our silhouette. The ideal is to buy clothes that fit perfectly to the measurements of your body, and that allow you to enhance the physical features that seem most attractive to you, as well as hide the negative ones.

2. Do not dress according to age. Currently it is possible to rejuvenate our appearance by wearing modern clothes adapted to the latest trends, so to project a youthful and fresh image we only have to know how to choose the clothes well and combine them with each other. It is not necessary to resort to extra short garments, too narrow or with many transparencies to look younger, since on the contrary, we could see ourselves less favored. You can see some useful tips in the article How to dress to look younger.

3. Excess of accessories and complements. Although accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, scarves, etc., can turn a simple look into a spectacular one, the truth is that recharging too much will end up ruining our outfit. On many occasions, less is more and it is preferable to choose them well, adapting them completely to the garments, than to start placing beads and come to look like a walking showcase.

4. Combine patterns. Another of the common mistakes when dressing is the inappropriate combination of printed garments, since wearing several of them can turn against us. The animal print is fashionable and is perfect for a look breaker if, for example, we include it in one of the pieces of the outfit and other smooth lead, however the worst mistake we can make is to combine different patterns, combining stripes leopard, zebra print with tiger print, etc.

5. Too much exposed skin. We all like to wear a miniskirt or a short dress from time to time and show off the beauty of our legs, but the mistake happens when at the same time we wear a heart-stopping neckline to look sexier. However, to achieve a sensual look not necessarily all the clothes have to be short, since we can enhance our sexiest side with a balanced outfit.


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