6 mistakes when dressing at work


Many women are passionate about fashion and this can seriously alter the conception of outfits that are suitable for the workplace. Keep in mind that, no matter how fashionista you are, it is important to know how to adapt to all environments and know what to wear at all times because you should never be dressed the same if you are going for a walk around the city, if you are going to work or if you go to a dinner. In this article we are going to reveal the 6 mistakes when dressing at work that women make the most so that you take them into account and avoid looks that are too outlandish during working hours.

Wearing skirts that are too short is not appropriate at work

Although skirts are one of the star garments in the wardrobe of many women, the truth is that you should watch the one you wear to go to work. The best thing is to avoid as much as possible skirts that are too short and narrow and, failing that, opt for others whose length is above or below the knees so as not to show an overly provocative image of yourself.

In order to have a professional look, it is important to create an image of yourself that reflects your seriousness and your most responsible side, therefore, opt for clothes that are more sophisticated and avoid minis or excessively narrow ones.

It is also recommended that you avoid wearing those that are beachier, that is, long skirts down to the feet and with a flight in the purest Ibizan style. Yes, they are beautiful but save them to go to the beach or to go with your friends.

Midi skirts will be a perfect option to wear a perfect look for the office and the feminine sea. Here give you some guidelines so that you know how to combine a midi skirt.

Avoid plunging necklines

The same happens with necklines, a very sensual and precious attribute of the female body but which is better to hide during work hours. Your colleagues and bosses don’t care that you have a nice cleavage, they don’t have to see it and it’s totally inappropriate to highlight your curves too much; This is best done in your private life.

This is one of the mistakes when dressing at work that more women make, not only should we avoid the front necklines, but also the back ones. Showing your back is a powerful sign of sensuality and, therefore, wearing a blouse that has it uncovered, for example, is not suitable in the office.

Instead, opt for collared blouses, tight-fitting shirts, or shirts with a traditional round neckline. You can achieve an equally attractive style without being too flashy or explosive. This is not the place for it.

Be careful also at company dinners because, although it is a different event, the environment is also work. Here we give you some tips so you know how to dress for a company dinner.

Be careful when you choose your jean to go to work

Depending on the environment in your company, a more casual and informal type of clothing may be allowed. For this reason, jeans are garments that you can wear perfectly in the office without attracting much attention since it is a very versatile garment that can configure all kinds of image.

However, relaxed your work environment may be, however, you should avoid some of the current jean trends like ripped jeans, shorts, or boyfriend jeans.

The best thing is that you opt for a neutral colored jean and combine it with a more formal top to counteract the informality of the garment. A blouse or a blazer is the best thing to wear with jeans. You will be total ”

Blouses to avoid in a work environment

When choosing the upper part of your look for the office, it is best that you take into account the same aspects that we have highlighted above, that is, that you create a sophisticated image of yourself, that they are discreet garments and that are adjusted to the work environment. So, as we have already said, the necklines are too much but so are the bare shoulders, the shirts with only one shoulder and the transparencies.

Above all, the issue of transparencies must be taken care of in detail as it is a trend that is now very much in the wedding and, however, it is totally inappropriate in an office. If you have a semi-transparent shirt but its material is elegant, you can put it on but always wearing a basic shirt underneath, never the bra directly because it is ordinary and totally out of place.

In the same sense, another of the trends that you should NOT use at work are the crop top, a very sensual and daring garment that should only be used in the private sphere. In fact, it is not recommended at all that you show your belly even with shirts that are a little shorter than usual, it is best to go with more sober clothes and leave everything else for other moments in your life.

Choose your shoes well

Shoes are also essential elements when choosing your look for work. Even if we are passionate about high heels and printed or colored shoes, watch out! At work, as we have already said, it is better not to draw too much attention to the clothing and it is highly recommended that you opt for clothes that are neutral and not very flashy.

For this reason, avoid wearing your heels as much as possible and save them for other times of the day, you also don’t have to abuse informality and always wear sports shoes or beach flip-flops as it is not the right place to wear them either. The best thing is that you opt for a shoe that, if it has a heel, is medium size and that, above all, is not too flashy; In this sense, prints or the animal print trend should be reserved for your leisure.

Other aspects to take into account when choosing work clothes

Among the errors when dressing at work, we also highlight the use of garments that are not suitable for this environment, that is, wearing very tight lycra garments that highlight your body is not entirely appropriate because we have to show our knowledge and value as professionals , do not sell our image, so it is best to dress elegantly but without being too provocative.

Similarly, clothes that are very shiny or that have elements such as sequins or rhinestones are also not suitable for the work environment since they draw a more festive image of oneself and should be reserved only for nightlife occasions.

The same happens with accessories and / or accessories. Remember that to achieve an elegant image you must fulfill a premise: less is more. So, avoid recharging yourself with large earrings, very colorful necklaces or hats and opt for more discreet accessories that accentuate your femininity and good taste but without going overboard.

In this other article we offer you the most common mistakes when dressing so that you know them and avoid making them.


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